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Vanity Fair interviews Tony Stark. - Adventures in Engineering — LiveJournal
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2008-08-08 14:03
  Subject:   Vanity Fair interviews Tony Stark.
  Music:Peter Gabriel - Big Time

I get the sense, however, that this feverish display of activity is something Stark’s employees are still trying to organize themselves around—in the atmosphere of quiet frenzy, uncertainty, and, yes, fear, which accompanies revolutionary change. In the space of a few months, their CEO was kidnapped by terrorists, spent three months in captivity, came close to sinking the company when he announced a fundamental restructuring of their activity, admitted publicly that he got his kicks flying around in a suit of armor, and was responsible for property damage in the hundreds of millions of dollars. To top it all, the company’s CFO died in murky circumstances. (The revelations of Obadiah Stane’s double dealings and the subsequent federal investigation and Congressional testimonies wouldn’t come until later.) As a senior SI engineer confided in me at the time, “It’s tough to say what’s worse: that the boss might have lost his mind or that Stane’s dead. Both at once is a little much. But I’m hanging around for now. I mean, have you seen the freaking suit?”


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