Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Dead Space gameplay footage

Levels look very good. Monsters still creepy as hell. Maybe a bit too much blood, not enough decay. Gotta mix those designs up a little bit to keep the horror high.

Aiming weapons seems clumsy, however. Especially that cutter thing, which you're going to need since lots of gameplay revolves around chopping off monsters' limbs. Some of this can be corrected by allowing a higher control sensitivity on the left-right turn rate in aiming mode.

But part of it is also the over-the-shoulder view that you zoom into when you aim. It pretty much destroys your peripheral vision. Count how many times the player was ambushed from the sides or behind while aiming. At one point in the greenhouse part, two monsters pop up standing side by side. Player aims at one of them and starts firing. The second one runs right at him... and you can't even see it coming. Going into aiming mode has narrowed his cone of vision so much that anything more than about 45 degrees off view-axis can't be seen.

How to fix this? Well, if you must go over-the-shoulder, how about zooming in less, and/or moving the view point higher up? Alternatively, maybe go inside the main character's helmet and broaden the FOV a bit. Widening the FOV will make it easier to aim at nearer monsters, but harder to aim at father away ones, which is a nice game balance feature. And you can show off some kind of cool HUD or something in there.

This is only combat footage, so I wouldn't expect to see puzzles. But I hope there are a few in the game. Blasting freaky mutant zombie monsters is great, but if it's the only thing in the game, it's going to get old quick. And these puzzles had better not be soley "fetch the item" quests. There's a place for fetch quests, but they're not the only kind of good puzzle on the planet. BioShock did a good job making the fetch quests interesting, so learn from that example. Physics puzzles are good too, but again don't over-use them. Since we're in space, can we get some kind of puzzles that involve zero-g perhaps? (I expect the dev team has already thought of this.)
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