Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Yatzee re-releases "Art Of Theft"

Elevator Action meets Metal Gear Solid? Splinter Cell. (I am told it runs well in WINE.)

See also, the "Some Punctuation" review of same.

Edit: It's a fairly challenging game. I just spent a good 5 or 6 hours beating it. There are a couple of annoyances that really get to me. The first is that the ducking and rolling mechanics just need some tweaking. When you roll, you automatically stand back up at the end of the roll. Which, if you're rolling under a laser beam... yeah. Easy fix for this would be, if I'm holding down at the end of the roll, don't auto-standup. Also, in at least one place, I couldn't duck under a laser beam that was only scanning the top half of the hall, which is counter-intuitive.

You can still go against the wall with 'X' to avoid laser beams. The fact that it's a toggle didn't bother me, I think that was fine. I don't like the "space to go up, down+space to go down" thing. Space should be assigned to USE. Up would grolly up, down would jump down. Just makes more sense.

The other thing that really got to me was, I think the security cameras in later levels are too sensitive and move too quickly. Cameras are the deus ex machinas of this game - there's really no defense against them. Especially the ones right next to doors you have to lockpick. And on that subject, I feel like both lock-picking and safe-cracking should be more skill and less twitch. Something more along the lines of how Oblivion does it. Also the safe-cracking skill is useless - I didn't break a single tool the whole game. Why bother to upgrade?

I didn't have nearly enough skill points to buy new skills that I wanted. A lot of this was the fact that you're forced to buy both lockpicking upgrades - a thousand skill points worth. You won't even be able to unlock the first door in later levels without these. Same deal with the roll skill; there are levels you simply can't complete without it. I would have liked to get the gecko skill and the creep along walls skill, but I just didn't have the points. I only bought 5 skills out of at least 12, and 3 of those were the upgrades you're forced to buy.

I found the boss fight a bit anti-climactic. Especially given how hard the last two levels were, it seemed awful easy in comparison. NOTE: If you elect to make the final boss harder, please put a continue point right before it, instead of having to re-do the whole last level.

Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game. Just needs some tweaks. I think it would make a great XBox Live Arcade game.
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