Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

New pattern: "The LJ tease".

Based on the behavior of certain livejournal users over the past couple of months, I have abstracted a new pattern of LJ poster behavior, suitable for discussion on sites such as

It is called "The LiveJournal Tease." It is not a poster as you might think, rather it is a series of events. To whit:

- Person posts about some fairly dramatic to their LJ, but with very little detail.

- Other people see it and post questioning comments.

- Person fails to answer the questions, fails update again with more info, or in extreme cases even goes back and, in a retro-active revision of history worthy of 1984, deletes the original post.

- Nothing is ever heard of the event again.

Whether they realize it or not, people engaging in such behavior are attention whoring and/or teasing. This is no different than the 4th grader who runs around and smugly says to everyone they meet: "Guess what?" "What?" "I've got a secret!" "What is it?" "I'm nooooot telling!!"


I've seen several people do this over the last couple of months. The last time it happened, when pugzie posted about having to meet the Louisville police to talk about something, I was even suckered into posting a comment.

But no more. I see the trick being played. ;] It's a fun one, to be sure... look for it to happen on my LJ... right when you're least expecting it!! ;]
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