Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

They're on to me!!

Whoever it was I was stealing bandwidth from has found me out! He enabled WEP on his AP sometime last night or this morning. I'm pretty sure I could AirSnort and/or WEPCrack it, but I think the message is plain enough: "I'm paying attention. I see you. I don't want you here." Fair enough. Consider me out of your hair as of right now.

It's funny, he also put his full first and last name in his AP's SSID string when he changed it from "default." The weird thing though, is that the apostrophe he put in the string ("John Doe's AP") came out as an "o" with an tilde over it - which to me indicates he's using a Mac or some other non PC-hardware based OS.

I tried to look his name up in QwestDex and call him, apologize, and offer to pay half of the bandwidth bills for the month (as I've been mooching for almost two weeks now), but his name wasn't found. Damn. Well Burt, if you're smart enough to have sniffed the traffic and found my LJ URL and are reading this, shoot me an email (in my userinfo) and we can work something out.

So anyway, now I'll just have to hook up to one of the five other open APs in this complex until my cable modem gets here.

What other trivial shit do I have to say... Oh yeah! Found waterreflecting in j_b's friends list. Her journal seems to be low volume and the entries thus far have been fun to read, so I threw her on my friends list. Oh, and I think I'm going to trash the whole "default view/friends filter" thing - I can't remember a time in the last couple of weeks when I haven't gone directly to the full, all friends entries page when I read LJ.

Eh, I gotta go get my motorcycle from Lyons and ride it back to Boulder. It's going to be one cold, possibly wet, miserable ride. Yeah, better get to it...
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