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Job back to normal. Thankfully.

Stressful morning. Got to work three minutes after 9 as scheduled, and found my co-worker there. He said that my manager had called him in to work my shift. Not a good sign...

I checked the messages on my cell phone, and it turns out my manager had left me one last night while I was destroying six hours going to Matrix Revo. Her message said that there was going to be "a schedule change tomorrow," and to call her about it. Useful info content: 0.

So I call her. She's in the shower. (Yes, it's shaping up to be one of those days. NOTHING can go right.) Her husband says that I needed to be at the Radio Shack down by 44th and Harlan in east Denver (Lakewood) at 9:30. Oh FUCK...

35 miles. 25 minutes. Car made for fuel efficiency, not acceleration. Tail end of rush hour. 110% adrenaline.

Get there 5 minutes late. No apparent problem, looks like they didn't know when I was scheduled to show up either.

So I sit down with the DM. He says, "Tell me your story again." I explain how I dropped by to pick up my schedule for the next day, answered the phone when security rung, etc. He listened, then basically said that this re-entering the store late at night thing happens all the time(!), and it's always someone stealing stuff(!!). So he asks me flat out, "Did you steal any merchandise or take any money from the cash drawer?" Pained expression on my face. Of course not. There's not enough in the drawer to tempt me, and the most expensive thing in the store is a $500 TV. I make more than that per month. You don't even need morals for this decision - you just need to be able to compare two numbers and see which one is bigger. :P He said that I should never do it again, and I'd be fired if I did. Message more than adequately received, believe me. He said to try and understand how it looked from their perspective, which I do now.

After that was over (phew) I called my manager back and asked if I should work a normal shift today or what. She said she was happy that I wasn't fired, because she didn't know if I would be or not. And said that since my co-worker had taken my shift, I should work his. 11:30-close. So I did.

And so everything seems to be pretty much back to normal. Thankfully.

I did find out from my co-worker that when my manager had to re-inventory the important parts of the store on orders from the DM, that we're missing three cell phones from the lockup cage in back. This sucks, because it looks like I did it. Though I hope that can see from the phone and alarm logs that I wasn't in the store long enough to steal anything, much less three cell phones. But I'm still wanting to really prove my innocence. My hope is that not just the phones themselves, but also their boxes, are gone from the lockup. If that's the case, and I can get the surveillance videotapes pulled, it'll be bleedingly obvious I didn't steal them. The boxes are about the size of half a shoe-box. There's no way in hell I could conceal even one of them, let alone three, in my clothing. And if I was just carrying them, the tape would show that.

I don't want any lingering doubts about this. I made an honest mistake and I want everyone to be convinced of it. I don't want to push my luck, but I'm going to at least try and suggest that they pull the tapes. It's simple, easy, quick and (I hope) foolproof. At the very least, it will show that I couldn't possibly have stolen them that night.
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