Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Remember kids, I'm a bad employee.

Remind me, again, why I'm struggling to pay my sub-$400/mo rent when I made the company almost $1100 IN ONE DAY? (Those numbers are at 6:59pm. My actual total for the day was $1085.)

Remind me, again, why I can't get a fucking $25k/yr computer job if my life depended on it??

Remind me, again, why all but one or maybe two of my really smart, highly computer literate friends are ALSO completely fucked economically right now?

Do you want to know how much money I should be making? Let's just look at one day:

If I worked in any other Radio Shack besides the one I'm at, I'd get 7.75% of my PB&A sales, and 5.5% of my overall sales.

.0775 * 758 = 56.85

.055 * 1085 = 59.67

Let's just round to 57 and 59, shall we? Added together, we have $116. This is NEARLY TRIPLE what I actually got paid for that day (which at $5.25 an hour is $42.) The difference in pay for THIS ONE DAY ALONE would have prevented me from being at -$22 in my bank account as I am right now.

And remember, THIS IS THE ONLY JOB I COULD FIND after searching hard for 11 months.

So, remind me again, what is so great about that fucking warmongering, economy-destroying, moron in the White House? Who is almost directly responsible for my, and thousands of other people, being in this situation?



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