Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Damn, my cynicism about humanity is being damaged here...

I have now had to switch wireless APs three times. Yeah, got discovered again! What the hell, people are actually noticing who's mooching their net connection??

I don't buy it. I bet the cable modem people are noticing the unusual activity and calling up the owners. No way are people that smart with their security. No way.

Eh, what else... since kristenq is abandoning her journal, I was thinking it'd be nice if I could hide my friends list (except to those already on it). Alas:

You have the ability to hide your Friend-of list by checking the "Hide "Friend of" list" option in your Personal Info page ( This will also hide your Member-of list. You can't, however, hide your Friends list or the list of communities you have posting access to.

Great. How am I supposed to easily read her new LJ if I can't put it on my friends list? If I put it on my friends list (which can't be hidden), than any random person who clicks on my LJ userinfo will just be able to read what the new one is named. @#$%...

I'll work on my resume tomorrow, thanks to those who have provided feedback. But I have to go an get arrrrchived copy of Word to do it. Should just get all of Office 98, since I'm going to need Excel for my consulting work anyway.

Got a TV. Found it in the trash. (Yay for dumpster diving.) 20". Speakers doesn't work, so apparently we're borrowing a small stereo thing from Iggi to run the sound through. It sounds quite good. jigenm4c rented Jak 2 (sequel to Jak and Daxter) and we've both been playing it. Pretty neat so far. It's almost like half Jak and Daxter, and half Grand Theft Auto 3. No, really! Only have the energy shotgun and laser-sight energy rifle so far, and learned one dark eco power (eco bomb). We don't have enough space on my memory card to save, so we have to start anew every time we turn it on. There are some really obnoxious timed races too.

Eh, too tired to think of anything else. Sleep now...
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