Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

"I don't like X" is not a good basis for a system of government.

The outgoing Bush administration is planning to announce a broad new "right of conscience" rule permitting medical facilities, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare workers to refuse to participate in any procedure they find morally objectionable, including abortion and possibly even artificial insemination and birth control.,0,7013690.story

I quite agree. Nobody should have to do things they consider morally objectionable. Particularly under government duress.

I, myself, find it morally abhorent to pay taxes that go to fund a war that has killed upwards of 30,000 people whose only crime was living in the wrong country at the wrong time.

Do you suppose Dubya will support my moral right to not pay the portion of my taxes that goes to pay for such a war?

No, you say? Futhermore, you say that those in power only support the "morals" of those with whom they agree?

Well, well... what a shocking revelation.
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