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Adventures in Engineering
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2008-12-31 10:29
  Subject:   I took their jerbs! (/South Park)

Barring something extraordinary, I am about 90% certain that I will be employed within a week.

It won't be a ton of money, they're saying $[censored]/yr. But in a down economy you take what you can get. Intangible compensations are that the work itself seems interesting, they specifically told me they want to trash all their old code and rewrite from the bottom up, the environment is by all accounts pretty laid-back, and the stuff they produce ranks high on the "social good" scale. Also this will get a solid Java job on my resume, so people won't be able to claim that I don't have any Java experience any more. Oh, and it's close enough that I can ride my bike (or maybe even walk) to the office.

More details after the offer letter has been signed, delivered and accepted.
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Alex Belits
  User: abelits
  Date: 2008-12-31 21:22 (UTC)
  Subject:   (no subject)
Dude, that's great news! I was wondering how long you were going to be screwed over by that.

The combination of my actions and circumstances (moving to California and getting a job after doing everything in assumption that I will stay in Colorado working on servers, Gendo and his management skills, housing bubble, crisis) definitely ended up pretty badly for me. It's possible that I had better choices after the moment when the company got mothballed, but as far as I know none would produce a significantly better outcome.

If I stayed in Colorado, it would not save the company and would not get me a job soon enough to keep the condo. If I rented out the condo immediately after moving instead of putting the condo for sale, I would merely stretch the same loss from one year to 1.5-2, still keeping me broke or nearly broke, just with better credit score. If I tried to find a better-paying company in California, I would likely to be laid off when the crisis hit. If I continued looking for investors past the point when I could keep mortgage, it would be a massive risk with no backup plan.

Things would be definitely better if I didn't buy the condo, but at that moment both rent and my expectations for the future of the company were high enough to make it a rational choice. Not working with Gendo would be a far superior choice, I admit my fault in that decision.

But I guess this also means you're probably not going to be coming back to Colorado for quite a while. Bummer.

I doubt that having an empty apartment in Colorado would make me more likely to return, however not being constantly broke makes it possible for me to afford airfare. Also since now I have a place in Bay Area, you guys can stay there while visiting San Francisco.
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