Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

I took their jerbs! (/South Park)

Barring something extraordinary, I am about 90% certain that I will be employed within a week.

It won't be a ton of money, they're saying $[censored]/yr. But in a down economy you take what you can get. Intangible compensations are that the work itself seems interesting, they specifically told me they want to trash all their old code and rewrite from the bottom up, the environment is by all accounts pretty laid-back, and the stuff they produce ranks high on the "social good" scale. Also this will get a solid Java job on my resume, so people won't be able to claim that I don't have any Java experience any more. Oh, and it's close enough that I can ride my bike (or maybe even walk) to the office.

More details after the offer letter has been signed, delivered and accepted.
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