Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[Fark] Misc.

IT'S a conclusion that will confirm what many women have always suspected. Men really do have only one thing on their mind when they fall in love, according to new research.

Scientists say the flush of new romance sparks different feelings in men than it does in women - and in males it automatically triggers sexual thoughts.

In women, however, the response is highly emotional rather than sexual, and driven by the attention lavished on them by their new beau.,4057,7863872^13762,00.html


This explains why women are constantly in want of attention, and men are constantly in want of sex. ;]

Scientists announced significant progress Thursday toward creating an artificial organism that one day may have uses ranging from pollution control to clean energy production.

Scientists using commercially available DNA took only two weeks to build from scratch an artificial virus with the identical genetic code of a simple virus already known to infect and kill bacterial cells.


Or, in short, we can now make viruses from scratch. Not sure if this is entirely a good thing...
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