Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

More Bush bashing.

Found any WMD yet? How about now? (Warning: Flash w/sound)

But what the hell, what's 450+ American soldiers (men and women both - sexual equality in the military's a bitch, innit?) and ten times that in civillians dead? It was all worth it so that Halliburton could get a $2 billion dollar government subsidy, right? Even if there never were any WMD in Iraq. (Because Hussien is simply too goddamn stupid to figure out how to make them.)

Remember kids - we take those who are brave enough to defend our country with their very lives, and we send them to get shot in the head in Iraq so that Dick Cheney's stock options can increase in value another quarter point. God bless the Bush II Administration!
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