Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Current events.

As the weather has gotten colder, the number of evening hour visitors to Radio Shack has dropped off enourmously. I can remember not two months back having someone pound on the door after close (8pm) to get some batteries and tapes for her voice recorder. But in the last week, I can't remember having a single customer after 6:30. When it gets cold, people go home right after work, and do not budge.

This has been good and bad for me. It's bad because it might look like I'm slacking at work since we make no sales for that couple of hours I'm there most nights. On the other hand, we do have fairly good DirecTV and Dish Network feeds, and three TVs, and a decent sound system hooked up to 'em...

So I've been watching TV during the really dead times. Once in a while I can catch Star Trek: TNG, or Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, or maybe even The Man Show if I flip it on early enough. Fun mind candy, all. But most often I'm trying to find a decent movie. Usually I catch the just the last half of a movie, but once in a while I see the whole thing. In the last couple weeks I've seen (parts of) Con Air, Eight Legged Freaks, Ghost Ship, Total Recall, and last night I watched probably 2/3rds of Kissing Jessica Stein.

KJS is a surprisingly even-handed and progressive movie. While I won't deny that I like watching lipstick lesbians as much as the next guy, all the characters in this movie are treated much more multi-dimensionally and compassionately than you would probably expect. The ending is also a nice hard slap-to-the-face dose of reality. Even when I saw it the first time, I don't remember hearing any of the press about this movie. But I would expect it was about like the press for Chasing Amy - more or less uniform declarations of misogyny. (Of course, I think younger audiences generally looked a little deeper and understood CA better than most of the reviewers...) I would say that the parallels between CA and KJS are not enourmous, but they are there. What CA does on a personal level, KJS does on more of a society and family level.

In any event, I think it's an under-rated and under-viewed movie. Yeah, it's a bit chick-flicky. But it's also got lesbians, so what do you want? Be a sensitive new-age guy and check it out. It's not the best movie of the decade, but I can think of far worse ways to kill an evening.
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