Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

Triumph The Comic Insult Dog's latest song.

I heard this on the radio, coming home from work one night earlier this week. It's really quite inventive - and offensive. ;]

I thought my CD was done!
But that's not what they say.
"Do an insult track, we need it for radio play."
Cram in the names, I'll take a long hard pee.
Time to mess up the biz, like an MP3.

American Idols, that's who I look for -
in the poop section of my local record store!
Ruben or Clay, oh which should I pick?
It's like choosing which puddle of vomit to lick...

And when I want something even more fruity and fake,
I look up 'N' for N'Sync or 'T' for Timberlake!
So many skills Justin's making a buck at.
Does he rap? Does he sing? He doesn't know what to suck at!

Now as for the bitches, let's give Britney thanks.
For the face that launched a million pre-teen skanks!
You were a virgin - that had to be hard.
You've had more bones in your mouth than a St. Bernard.

I keed, I keed!
(He just make a little joke)
I joke with you!
(Little dog, little joke)

If you have Flash, you can go to the Triumph official site and check out the music and a video for "I Keed":

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