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You call this lousy crap 2010??

It's the year 2010. We are officially living in TEH FEW-CHAR!!!!!!one!!!1!!!!

And let's face it, the future sucks.

Where's my jetpack?

Where's my vacation on the moon?

Where's my flying car?

Why am I typing this post on a keyboard, instead of merely speaking to my computer?

Average life expectancy is still less than 80 years, even in the civilized world.

Nanotechnology is nowhere to be found.

Cure for cancer? HA!

Shit, man. How about something a little less spectacular? WHERE ARE THE ROBOTS? This failtacular BS is the current state of the art?? The state of machine AI is absolutely dismal. You know what the smartest robot I saw in the last ten years was? The one in Willow Garage's Milestone 2 video. Hey look, a robot that can (just barely) move around and feed itself. This thing is (just barely) smart enough to "catch" its own food! We've just made a robot with the same intelligence level as an earthworm - and about as fast. HUZZAH!

You know what we should call the 2000's? The Nothings. Because nothing worthwhile was accomplished. Nothing interesting happened. There were no historically significant technological or scientific breakthroughs. When the history books are written, the 2000's will be considered the new 1930's. "What happened in the 1930's," you ask? EXACTLY! I'll tell you what happened in the 30's: in '37, the Hindenburg blew up. Other than that, pretty much nothing that anyone remembers. "Pretty much nothing that anyone remembers" being a perfect summation of the decade from 2000 to 2009.

P.S. I don't have any bullshit New Year's resolutions for this year, and once again won't be making any.
Tags: bad thing(tm), cancer has a timeless class to it, citation needed for "old", did someone spray for fail?, even john_mark_karr hates this, faggotry will get you nowhere, fail, fail and aids, failothon strikes again, failure as a decade, futility watch, future tech, humanity makes me pro-nuclear, i am the great cornholio, i want a pony, if i tag this will you guys think i'm co, is that the sound of 'fail' i hear?, no, one less car, one more jetpack
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