Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

[Fark] Carpet layers wanted!

All Chuck Cole wanted was someone to install a carpet. His newspaper ad brought him so much more. The classified that ran in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent last week inadvertently left out the words "Carpet layer wanted." Instead, the ad read: "3 hour quickie! Extra Christmas $. Cash upon completion. Glenwood. Ready right now!" Cole, who owns an apartment complex in Glenwood Springs but lives in Colorado Springs, had not seen the ad when the calls starting rolling in. And they weren't about carpet.

"One woman said she thought she could "help me out,"" he said. "I started to feel like something goofy was going on so I said, "Are you a carpet layer?" She said, "Well, whatever."" Another woman called and told Cole she could do the job, and that her husband was at work during the day. "I thought that was odd, so I asked her if she had a kicker and an iron - she just hung up," Cole said. The one man who called sounded confused when Cole started talking about carpet.
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