Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

BoxLayout can suck a bag of rotten dicks.

Only with BoxLayout can you put three labels into a container, the first two with CENTER_ALIGNMENT and the last one with LEFT_ALIGNMENT, and get the result shown above.

BoxLayout is completely and utterly misnamed. It has nothing to do with boxes of any kind. What it actually does, is to lay out UI elements relative to a center-line. That can be a horizontal center line or a vertical center line, but regardless, your UI components are laid out in relation to the center line of the container. BoxLayout should be called CenterLineLayout, and it should be explained exactly as I explained above - each individual component's left, right or center point is placed on the center-line (horizontal or vertical) of the container. See, isn't that easy? Well no, evidently. Or at least it's too hard for Sun to figure out...

A very impressive level of fail. I haven't seen this stupid and braindead a piece of shit design since, oh... the last time I tried to do something simple in Windows.
Tags: bad design, fail, fail and aids, failure as a gui toolkit, some people are only alive because its i, stupidity
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