Ben Cantrick (mackys) wrote,
Ben Cantrick

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Sloppy focus and autoraise in Windoze.

This is arguably the best thing ever:

Further explanation of UserPreferencesMask:

Note: Bit 0x40 ("Active window tracking Z order") is basically equivalent to "autoraise" in X. Clear the bit to enable autoraise (default), set the bit to disable autoraise.

In my Windows 7 installation, "ActiveWndTrkTimeout" is set to 500 (ms) by default, which is actually a pretty good default, maybe even a tiny bit fast. See

Edit: After living with it for about a week, I think it could use some improvement. It needs a "if the cursor sits still for X time, auto-raise. Otherwise don't." type of deal. It's annoying to be moving across windows to the other monitor and have them all auto-raise because they're wide and you stay inside them for .5 sec as you move the cursor across.
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